The Zentraedi are a militaristic alien race of giants that were sent on a mission to retrieve the SDF-1, created by the Robotech Masters, who is lead by the Zentraedi leader Khyron, responsible for the First Robotech War. They want to try to capture & reclaim Protoculture, an energy source made by the Flower of Life.

Homeworld and empire

The Zentraedi are from planet Tirol, where they were created, in which Khyron is the Zentraedi Leader. Other well-known Zentraedi are Breetai, Exedore, Dolza, Miriya, Kiyora, Skardde, Gorian, Azonia, and Zeraal. In Robotech, the Zentraedi were created as slaves to the Robotech Masters, first to be used as miners in the planets of their empire and later trained to be their perfect warriors and guardians. Seeing their effectivity as soldiers the function of the Zentraedi within the Masters' empire was mostly to subjugate worlds for them and to battle their enemies, most notably the Invid.


The Zentraedi are ruled by Khyron, and Commanders such as Dolza, Azonia & Breetai. In 2009, Dolza, the supreme commander of all Zentraedi forces in the galaxy, is ordered by the Robotech Masters to find and recover the lost spaceship that had crashed on Earth in 1999. He orders his second in command, Breetai, command a fleet of ships to track down a lost battlefortress, the SDF-1, which contains the last remaining supply of Protoculture in the universe. In 2009, Breetai's forces arrive in Earth's solar system and discover that the SDF-1, which had crashed on Earth 10 years earlier has been rebuilt by the planet's inhabitants, which are referred to by the Zentraedi as Micronians, due to their small size. However, the Humans refuse to return the SDF-1, thus a two year battle (The First Robotech War) begins between the Humans and the Zentraedi over the SDF-1. In a later note, Zeraal and his commanders led the Zentraedi after the death of Khyron, however, Jack Archer won over them.


The energy source known as the Protoculture is the main target of the Zentraedi race. The Zentraedi, under orders from the Robotech Masters, were sent to harvest as much of the Protoculture as they could, return to Tirol, then destroy the entire planet of Earth.